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90210 Soundtrack [2008]

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Episode 7

Episode 7 • I See London, I See France...

Sha La La La La - Heavy Young Heathens

Sha La La La La

Heavy Young Heathens

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People dance at The Undies party.

Watching Me, Watching You - Gypsy And The Cat

Watching Me, Watching You

Gypsy And The Cat

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Liam awakens to find Laura watching him; Navid meets his new locker neighbor. 

Diet Mtn Dew

Lana Del Rey

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Dixon questions Ivy about Oscar moving out of her house; Oscar flirts with Naomi, then reveals that Mr. Cannon lied about where he grew up. 

11th Dimension - Julian Casablancas

11th Dimension

Julian Casablancas

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The Undies for Worst Attendance is announced; Liam carries Laura's bags around as she tries to sell them at The Undies; Liam tells Teddy about working for Laura; Liam wins The Undies for Least School Spirit.

Where I'm Going - Cut Copy

Where I'm Going

Cut Copy

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Naomi tries to get Mrs. List to sign her attendance slip as Oscar watches. 

Baby I'm Yours

Breakbot ft Irfane

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The Undies awards ends; Teddy smokes marijuana with some of his classmates; Silver & Navid arrive at The Undies party; Navid figures out how he knows his locker neighbor; Liam gets a text from Laura as he's chatting with Dixon.

Spanish Sahara - Foals

Spanish Sahara


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Ivy confesses to Dixon that she slept with Oscar.

You Have Got To Dance

Combine The Victorious

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Navid tells Silver that Kaitlyn would have been underaged when she did the porn film. 

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Navid shows Silver a clip of the porn movie of Kaitlyn. 


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