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One Tree Hill Soundtrack [2003]

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Episode 17

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Season 1

Episode 17 • Spirit In The Night

One In Every Crowd

Viva Voce

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Haley tells Nathan she'll come on the trip.

Shake Yer Booty

APM Music

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The guys hand out at the strip club.

Looking For A Reason

Paul Trudeau

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The team and cheerleaders get on the bus.

Shadows Cast A Lie

James William Hindle

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Karen and Deb talk at the café.

Get Naked

Black Toast

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The girls chill-out in the hot tub.

Good Girl, Bad Boy

Junior Senior

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The girls practice in the lobby.

Big Man On The Block

Black Toast

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The male strippers arrive.

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Lucas listens to music in his hotel room.

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The Tree Hill Raven cheerleaders perform.

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The Bear Creek Warriors perform.

All Kinds Of Time

Fountains Of Wayne

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End montage.

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The kids get off the bus and return home.


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