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A Million Little Things - S2E5 Soundtrack


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  • SleeplessNovo Amor
    Novo Amor
    Deliliah takes a family photo with Sophie, Danny, and Charlie along with their friends; Eddie and Katherine kiss; Gary sees Maggie feeding Colin cheese; Maggie tells Gary that she needs find her own way outside of them and cancer.
  • Let My Love Open the DoorAllison Miller
    Allison Miller
    Maggie drops off a package at a post box; Gary reads over Maggie's funeral plans then find sthe flyer for the Open-mic Night at the paino bar; Delilah and the kids finish editing Charlie's birth announcement photo; Maggie performs at her apartment; Eddie kisses Katherine as walks back to their bed room then tells her he "love's her" before parting ways; Eric watches the show at the piano bar, Gary comes to the bar then leaves.


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    Does anyone know the name of the piano piece Maggie started to play at the very end?
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