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A Million Little Things - S2E11 Soundtrack

we’re the howards

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Complete List of Songs

  • Who Let the Dogs OutBaha Men
    Baha Men
    Delilah turns on Charlie's dance mix in order to get her to stay awake when Rome calls; (repeats) [0:34] Rome and Regina make Sophie up after her night of drinking.
  • Alone TogetherAnna Akana
    Anna Akana
    Eddie listens to Dakota's track then tells Katherine that Trevor didn't sign him but wants him to look after Dakota instead.
  • Need You NowAnna Akana
    Anna Akana
    Rome and Regina watch Sophie eat dinner; Delilah listens to the silence in the house after Charlie goes down to sleep; Delilah receives a picture of Sophie from Rome and Regina; Katherine, Eddie and Theo watch a video of Dakota singing; Maggie sends the final part of her work to Randy; Gary throws out his running shows and marathon tag then finds the 'I'm in' post-it from Maggie; Maggie texts Eric; Regina and Rome finish their video for the potential baby's birth parent(s).


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    What is the name of the song and who sings it that was played the last 5 minutes of the show
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