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Good Trouble Soundtrack [2019]

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Episode 5

Episode 5 • So This is What the Truth Feels Like

Cherry - Chair Model


Chair Model


Montage of Davia as she attempts to work on a burlesque name by interviewing her Coterie housemates about their impression of her.

Easiest Thing - Jean Deaux

Easiest Thing

Jean Deaux


(Flashback) While in bed, Angelique attempt to make future plans for a date night with Malika when Malika tells her she has girls night planned; (Present) Malika tells Dyonte about Angelique as she sidelines a texts from Angelique sending her well-wishes on her girls night.

Je t'aime aujourd'hui - Mademoiselle Nineteen

Je t'aime aujourd'hui

Mademoiselle Nineteen


Montage of Isabella and Gael's first baby basics class; Isabella finds herself failing at parenting class as while Gael more or less aces the basics of parenting.

Ride This Light - Valid Illusion

Ride This Light

Valid Illusion


Malika stops by Douro as Angelique bartends, she tells Angelique about her drinks and dinner with Lucia went well then informs her that Lucia is still interested in her; Malika flashes back to her own lie to Angelique about Dyonte when Angelique express honestly as the best policy when it comes to lovers.

Voodoo Girl - Vanessa Contenay-Quinones


As everyone sleeps and the Coterie is silent, Davia takes the time to practice her burlesque dancing unknowing she's watches by Luca after his trip the bathroom.

Some Things Never Break - De Lux

Some Things Never Break

De Lux


Luca is awaken by texts from Joaquin with a handyman job at the Coterie.


(repeats) [0:30] Davia performs her burlesque dance for dance director Desi and her fellow dancers at the club for rehearses for the show; [0:42] Davia boldly preforms the same dance again for Desi after Luca's encouraging words about the art of dance and self-expression.

Soaked in Gold



Alone at the Coterie, Luca takes the time to record himself dancing Davia's burlesque routine when Davia arrives back home and catches him.

Sweet Salvation - Michael Logen

Sweet Salvation

Michael Logen


Dennis finds himself in a moment of despair after seeing his ex-wife Jennifer and her husband, Nathan, with her new child; Flashback to Dennis dealing with his grief over his sons death; Dennis returns to Isabella's side at the hospital to hand out meals and drinks to the parents.

The Way It Goes - Silver Smile

The Way It Goes

Silver Smile


Returning to Douro the next night, Malika confesses her lie about her night out with Davia to Angelique; Malika and Angelique confesses their feeling to one another the share a kiss unknowing Lucia catches sight of their lovers kiss.

A Flaw In the Iris - Death and Vanilla

A Flaw In the Iris

Death and Vanilla


Sensing something off with Mariana after Raisa and Ava pitch to him, Evan finds a distraught Mariana in tears; Mariana expresses the emotional confliction she's been feeling while attempting her undercover mission to usurp Revitalize for Claire, Gina and Rachel.


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Bel Ami

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Michael Brook




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