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Episode 11

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Season 4

Episode 11 • Baby, Just Say Yes

Honey (feat. Georgi Kay)

The Mad Ones


Isabella awakens to find Gael working on a painting; Gael admits to Isabella that he's been painting for Yuri which she voices her concerns over, he attempts to assure her of her worries; Luca awakens in the Coterie overstay lounge, he makes his makeshift couch-bed before heading upstairs.


(Flashback - to Mariana and Joaquin in bed together everything someone asks about them) Mariana flashback to her night before with Joaquin; (repeats) [0:09]The Byte Club Girls asks Mariana how her night went after leaving the party; [0:18] Mariana bumps into Joaquin as he leaves the Coterie and she returns; [0:34] Joaquin receives a call from a connect on the address belonging to the licensee plates of the car that Jenna drove away in; (continues) Mariana awakens after spending the night with Joaquin as he ends his calls, he confess to her that meet with Jenna in-person days before.

Walk Like a Motherfucker

Ghost Funk Orchestra


At the studio, Gael works on another painting for Yuri when Yuri announces that he wants do an art show.

Be My Home (feat. Seann Bowe)



The Coterie group discuss Luca while in the kitchen of the home when Luca returns for the night, they attempt to make feel at time but finds their actions rebuffed; (continues) Mariana comes to Joaquin room to tell him in-person about BulkBeauty's good news thanks to him.

A Way or Another

Max Future


At home in the Coterie, Davia attempts to write out a well thought out resignation letter to Asher resigning as Elliot's home-school teacher when she receives a call from a fanatic Elliot about his father.


Luca awakens again at the Coterie but this time in his new room as he prepares to leave for the day, he prepares packs away this belongings to take them with him but decides to make use to his new draws and puts away his belongings before leavings for the day; (continues) [0:50] Joaquin and Mariana stakeout outside the Miller house of signs of Jenna, together.


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