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Outer Banks Soundtrack [2020]

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Season 1

Season 1 • Episodes

Popular songs from Season 1

Evan Finds the Third Room Khruangbin | Album Cover

Evan Finds the Third Room


Maria También Khruangbin | Album Cover

Maria También


High School Lover Cayucas | Album Cover

High School Lover


It's All In Your Head The Shivas | Album Cover

It's All In Your Head

The Shivas

You've Got the Heat Luster | Album Cover

You've Got the Heat


Fimmi Gyal Stylo G | Album Cover

Fimmi Gyal

Stylo G

Recent Discussion

Even I'm looking for the same track

3 years ago


Song where John b goes to the birds nest?!?!

3 years ago

What’s the song that Sara and John B are listening to while they are in the can before Rafe and Topper pullthem over

3 years ago

what is the song when john b leaves the squad e10 35' 52??? :///

3 years ago

What is the song that plays in the background at the party on episode 3 (20:10)

3 years ago

Yes. What is the song at the end of episode 10

3 years ago

What plays in the background when JJ is in the hot tub and him, Kiara, and pope are hugging?

3 years ago

What’s the name of the song that plays when John b is leaving his teacher after getting the letter translated. It plays during the scene switch. Plz help

3 years ago

Hey guest "John B is about to leave the van to meet Sarah in the birds nest." This song : +++ Pity Royal Headache +++ Good day !

3 years ago

I think it might not be a song but s sound track created by the produces as I can’t find it anywhere

3 years ago

what song plays in the background in episode 5 when John b and Sara go meet in the eagle's nest

3 years ago

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