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90210 Soundtrack [2008]

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Episode 21

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Season 4

Episode 21 • Bride and Prejudice

Bring It On Home To Me

Keaton Simons ft Lisa Creahan

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Adrianna tells Austin she wants him to be her manager; Caleb kisses Annie in the rain; Ivy is taken into custody by social services; Silver thanks Liam for not aying anything to Navid.

Mad World

Susan Boyle

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Naomi tells Annie she's not sure if Preston loves her.

Can't Be Loved


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Naomi brings Austin a drink & asks if he's okay, then he comments on her choosing to be with Preston.

Will You Be By Me

Wallpaper Airplanes

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Naomi asks Silver how she knew Navid was 'the one'.

Teardrops Fall (Acoustic)

Jessica Lowndes

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Adrianna & Austin perform for at party; Liam & Navid arrive with the ice sculpture.

You Called Me

Mayer Hawthorne

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Performed as Naomi tells Preston he did too much for their party; Naomi is introduced to Preston's old friend, Richard; Annie runs into Caleb who surprises her with a gift for Naomi, then Annie admits that she thinks she's falling in love with him.

Dance Hall

My Goodness

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Navid & Liam go to pick up the ice sculpture.

You Make Me Feel...

Cobra Starship ft Sabi

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Naomi & Preston arrive at their engagement party.

Dream Down Shadows


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Austin stops by the bar to suggest to Adrianna she should sing country music; Annie & Liam work on plans for the engagement party.

Alone But Moving

Here We Go Magic

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Ivy runs into Caleb as she goes surfing and he asks her if Annie is mad at him.

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Austin tells Navid that he was expelled from school & needs to find a job, then Navid fills him in on Dixon & Adrianna's break-up.

I Am The Lion King


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Preston tells Naomi he's been searching for her his entire life, then asks if she's willing to legally change her name when they marry; Silver wakes up in bed with Liam.


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