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Gossip Girl - S5E16 Soundtrack

Cross Rhodes

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Complete List of Songs

  • Jet Horns (aka Jon Von Letscher)
    Dan works on a book proposal; Chuck sees a mention of Dan's book in a magazine; Serena intentionally bumps Blair while she's applying make-up.
  • Dancing SongLittle Comets
    Little Comets
    Alessandra tracks down Dan to confront him about the plagarized book proposal; continues as Dan & Alessandra discuss what might have happened with the book proposal.
  • GraveyardFeist
    Chuck sends Alessandra Dan's real book proposal; Lola asks Nate if she can stay with him; Dan tells Blair that Chuck changed his mind about sabotaging him, then Blair kisses him goodbye as Serena looks on; Chuck gets an email showing that Dan sent Blair's video confession to Gossip Girl; the van der Woodsen's are informed they need to say goodbye to CeCe; Ivy decides to contact Georgina.


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