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Gossip Girl Soundtrack [2007]

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Episode 17

Episode 17 • The Princess Dowry

Paradisco - Charlotte Gainsbourg


Charlotte Gainsbourg

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Lily talks to a lawyer about CeCe's funeral; Nate & Lola kiss in bed.

Izzy's Irish Rose - Black 47

Izzy's Irish Rose

Black 47

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Carol tells William he has to fix things, or she'll reveal he's Lola's father.

The Cat's Meow

Joanie Madden

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Lola asks William if he knows why Carol hid her from the family.

Strangers - Wye Oak


Wye Oak

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Lily asks Chuck what's wrong, then tells him that Jack saved his life; Lola receives a call from William.

The Boat To Bofin - Cherish The Ladies

The Boat To Bofin

Cherish The Ladies

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Lily & Serena return to the apartment to find a band playing an Irish jig at CeCe's wake.

New York, NY 10009 - Black 47

New York, NY 10009

Black 47

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Georgina informs Chuck that Blair made arrangements to get out of her marriage; Lily insists Carol let her search her purse until William steps in.

Sally MacLennane - The Pogues

Sally MacLennane

The Pogues

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Lily comments on CeCe's wake plans; Ivy stops by the wake to pay her respects; Lola runs into her mother at the wake, then Serena drags her off; Georgina phones Phillip about his gossip blast snafu, then tells Dan about the post; repeats as William arrives at the wake.

Dreams - The Cranberries

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Georgina admits to Dan that she took his phone and sent in the photo to Gossip Girl; Blair confronts Dan, then discovers that Estee made up the deal to get out of the marriage.

New York City

Among Savages

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Ivy kicks Lily & Rufus out of the apartment; Serena tells Dorota she's sick of goodbyes; Blair tells Dan she loves him.


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