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Episode 14

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Season 1

Episode 14 • Dear Brother

Brilliant Conversationalist

Gary Nicholson

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Watty & Rayna arrive at The Bluebird.Rayna wishes Deacon 'Happy Birthday'; the police ask Gunnar to leave with them; Juliette breaks into Rayna's chat with Vince Gill & Watty.


Moon Taxi

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Avery runs into Watty at a guitar store and asks his advice about his producer.

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</h3> Scarlett & Gunnar perform at the birthday party; Avery is refused entry into The Bluebird.

Oh My Happy Birthday

James Nagel

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Deacon enters his surprise party and is greeted by his friends.

I Want Change

The Record Company

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Scarlett & Gunnar stand outside The Bluebird talking while waiting for Deacon to arrive.

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Juliette is informed that her mom relapsed.

We Are Water

Hayden Panettiere

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Dante interrupts Juliette practicing a new song.

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Rayna & friends perform a song dedicated to Deacon; Juliette tucks her mom into bed; Scarlett texts Gunnar asking where he is; Gunnar identifies his brother's body.

Tarnished Gold

Beachwood Sparks

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Avery returns the guitar her bought and looks around the store.


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