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Episode 5

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Season 6

Episode 5 • She's No Angel

2nite Is 2mrw - Fantasy Sanity

2nite Is 2mrw

Fantasy Sanity

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Sara's tattoo is finished, then She talks Emily into getting one.

Cold Coast - Secret Sun

Cold Coast

Secret Sun

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Hanna leaves Lesli a message as Lesli shows up to meet her; Lesli apologizes for her reaction to Mona

Black Moon - Caitlin Anne Webster

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Sara argues with her mom on the phone, then tells Emily she has to go back home; Emily suggests Sara become legally emancipated.

Ace In The Hole - Saint Motel

Ace In The Hole

Saint Motel

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At The Brew, Hanna and Mona run into Lesli, who claims the police are accusing her of being her accomplice.

Good Stuff - Fantasy Sanity

Good Stuff

Fantasy Sanity

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As Emily is getting her tattoo, Sara sees a text message about A on her phone.

Wicked Ones - Dorothy

Wicked Ones


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Mona tells Lesli the girls know about her time at Radley; A works on an Aria doll wig.


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