R.E.M. - List of Songs

Has 67 songs in the following movies and television shows

Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist - Poster
While Zoey is having an MRI, the machine goes beserk; continues after Zoey hears a bunch of different songs.
13 Reasons Why - Poster
Wall of pictures is shown at Monet's
The Boys - Poster
The Deep is informed he's not shipping out to join the military; [0:23] repeats as The Deep shaves off his body hair.
Captain Marvel - Poster
Talos, Carol, Mariah and Nick discuss options in Marian's home.
Baby Driver - Poster
Song that plays when Baby leaves Joseph at the nursing home.
Dead Of Summer - Poster
The girls wake up the guys with water guns; Joel films an eagle, then sees Deb watching him.
Quantico - Poster
Liam takes the NATs to the Forensic Science Research and Training Center to investigate the evidence from their assigned cases; Shelby receives a call from her mom; Caleb's mom tells him he needs to come home for dinner; Shelby gives Alex a notebook her father wrote, then they switch assignments.
Zootopia - Poster
First song played from Judys radio.
10,000 Saints - Poster
Several clips are shown: Jude and Eliza convert to straight edge; Jude is shown crowdsurfing, etc.
Hindsight - Poster
Becca and Lolly celebrate as Kevin joins them; Lolly realizes that Becca was with Kevin before.
Hindsight - Poster
Paige tells Becca and Lolly that she's never been on a road trip before.
Hindsight - Poster
Lolly tells Becca her she made a good decision; Lolly tells Paige about her friendship with Kevin as they pass an accident scene; Becca waits for Andy to arrive.
Hindsight - Poster
Becca interviews a couple about R.E.M.; the girls watch the concert; Becca recalls her kiss with Andy.
The Vampire Diaries - Poster
Bonnie & Damon sit down to dinner and discuss the missing crossword answer.
Wanderlust - Poster
They leave Elysium and drive to Rick\'s house.
He's Just Not That Into You - Poster
Gigi goes to a bar to try and casually run into Conor.
Definitely, Maybe - Poster
When Will begins to tell his story. It's New Years Eve and he is with Emily
The Office - Poster
Dwights plays this in his car when he is sad because Michael is becoming friends with Ryan. Jim and Pam come over to check on him.
A Night at the Roxbury - Poster
Steve watches out the window as Doug moves to the other house. Montage as Doug empties his bag and goes to clubs on his own.
Independence Day - Poster
Playing at S.E.T.I. when the guy is playing golf in the office and suddenly hears an alert about a radio signal.
Friends - Poster
Phoebe creates a diversion at the party.
Friends - Poster
This song plays at the start of Phoebe's party, even before she arrives.
Friends - Poster
This song plays at the start of Phoebe's party, even before she arrives.
Singles - Poster
Pan of Steve\'s wall of pictures from Linda\'s view