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Sons Of Anarchy Soundtrack [2008]

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Episode 7

Episode 7 • Fruit For The Crows


Olmeca & Dave Kushner

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Jax tells the guys where the shooters went, then lays out a plan to surround them.

Pa Mi Negra

Fernando Lechuga

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SAMCRO arrives at the Mayans' clubhouse.

18 Counties - Moreland & Arbuckle

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Tara works on Alvarez's gun wounds; Clay tells Juice to head back to the warehouse; Gemma asks Clay if the threat against Tara is connected to the Mayans; Clay mentions the death threat that Tara received; Jax calls with an update.

Aqui No Se Esta Jugando - Cuarto Poder

Aqui No Se Esta Jugando

Cuarto Poder

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SAMCRO is taken in to see the Mayans' cocaine operation.

Machine Gun Blues - Social Distortion

Machine Gun Blues

Social Distortion

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Jax chases the shooters and ends up in a shoot out.

Dirty Love, No Romance - Amplified Heat

Dirty Love, No Romance

Amplified Heat

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Tara removes a bullet from Alvarez's shoulder; Chucky tells Clay that Sheriff Roosevelt has arrived to talk with Tara.

Strange Fruit - Katey Sagal

Strange Fruit

Katey Sagal

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Clay reacts to Bobby's officer challenge; Juice stitches on his new badge and ignores Opie's call; Piney loads a shotgun; Unser offers to walk Margaret to her car; Jax watches Tara put the kids to sleep, then tells her they're safe; Chibs tells the guys he's going out to check on Juice; Juice hangs himself from the tree where he hid the cocaine.

East Side Story - Tara Holloway

East Side Story

Tara Holloway

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Tara asks Gemma about the cartel and if the threat is connected.

Freeway - Southern Bitch

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Opie is informed that Lyla snuck out on the prospect that was supposed to take her to the clubhouse.


Black Pistol Fire

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Gemma warns Jax that Tara knows about the drugs and the cartel.


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