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Episode 16

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Episode 16 • Santa Fe

In My Head - Jason Derulo

In My Head

Jason Derulo

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Jonah shows off his fog machine to David

She Wolf - Shakira

She Wolf


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Lauren & Riley discuss their plans for the day, then Drew brings over some laundry & Lauren is called into work.

Click - Little Boots

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Morgan shows up at Coal and David tries to end things with her.

San Juan - Festival Of Four

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While at dinner, Drew asks Riley why her relationship with Jonah ended.

Heard 'Em All - Amerie

Heard 'Em All


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Ella shows up at Jo's fashion show to make sure she was paid properly for her job with WPK.

You Can Be My Wine

Donn Prophet / True Music

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Jonah asks Ella to help him sample some mixed drinks.

Game Over - V V Brown

Game Over

V V Brown

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Jonah and Drew fight; Lauren tells Michael to leave her alone; Lauren admits the truth to her friends.

Pump My Pumps - Dan Black

Pump My Pumps

Dan Black

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Amanda orders a drink; Riley & Drew run into Jonah at his party, then Ella serves them 'Ghostbuster' shots.

Patron Tequila - Paradiso Girls

Patron Tequila

Paradiso Girls

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Michael & Jane catch up; Amanda comments on Ella's drinking & they end up talking about Sydney & her paintings; Drew & Riley play beer pong, then Jonah challenges Drew to a round.

Round And Round

Mimi and Teft

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Jonah tells Ella about seeing Riley & Drew making out; David tries to convince Morgan he's done stealing, before Amanda arrives to question David.

Feel It In My Bones

Tiesto ft Tegan and Sara

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Jonah wins the beer pong match against Drew; Jonah & Ella kiss as Riley & Drew leave; David tries to get Lauren to talk to him, then Morgan arrives.

Like Silly Putty


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Amanda asks Michael why he's at the party, then Jane arrives.

Carry Out - Timbaland ft Justin Timberlake

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David asks Lauren why she broke up with him as Michael arrives at the party.

One Way Drive - Intercept

One Way Drive


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David asks Lauren how many times she lied to him, then she tells him she loves him; Ella leaves Lauren a message; Riley confronts Jonah as he cleans up from the party.


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