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Episode 17

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Episode 17 • The Brothers Grim

New Innocent Tyro Allegory - Havergal

New Innocent Tyro Allegory


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After their rumble in Chino, Trey decides to come back with Ryan & Marissa to Newport Beach. When they get back to the house the Cohen family dinner happens at last.

Like You Like An Arsonist - Paris Texas

Like You Like An Arsonist

Paris Texas

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Marissa & Ryan arrive to Chino looking for Trey & find him in a tough neighborhood bar that Ryan used to frequent in his Chino days.

I Only Want You - Eagles of Death Metal

I Only Want You

Eagles of Death Metal

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Ryan & Marissa finally give up on Trey coming back & are about to leave when a creepy leather-jacketed guy takes a fancy to Marissa and won't leave her alone. A bar fight breaks out, Ryan is jumped by three guys, & Trey comes back in & saves them.

Saturday Night - Kaiser Chiefs

Saturday Night

Kaiser Chiefs

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Just as Ryan, Trey, & Marissa are leaving the store with some new clothes for Trey, a salesperson demands to look through Trey's bag - all but accusing him of stealing a watch. Trey looses it & completely freaks out, thrashing around & yelling.

Beat Up Blue (Lucid Version)

Justin Catalino

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Seth and Summer talk about Zach's fake girlfriend in Seth's room, as he finally starts to figure out why Summer could possibly be angry with him.

Reason Is Treason - Kasabian

Reason Is Treason


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Ryan & Trey attempt to shop without causing too much havoc in Newport Beach, although Trey's attitude about Ryan's new digs is obvious. Fortunately, Marissa shows up and saves the day.

Artists Are Boring - Kingdom Flying Club

Artists Are Boring

Kingdom Flying Club

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Seth starts to feel jealous as Summer fixates on why Zach seems to be so happy without her, so he tells her about Zach's hot Italian girlfriend Francesca - that he'd promised Zach to keep secret.

Too Much Love - LCD Soundsystem

Too Much Love

LCD Soundsystem

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At the Newport Group party at the Cohen's, Ryan runs into Marissa on his way out to look for Trey & she insists on going with him. Caleb tells Julie the adult video situation is all taken care of & not to worry, & Seth doesn't know why Summer is so pissed or what he needs to apologize about.

Call Me - Arthur Yoria

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As Marissa & Summer are walking through the halls of Harbor High, Marissa gets all girlfriend-y when she hear abouts Ryan's troubles with his brother Trey, meanwhile Summer spots Zach on a Vespa and thinks he seems way too happy considering she just dumped him at the airport.


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