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The O.C. Soundtrack [2003]

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Episode 21

Episode 21 • The Return Of The Nana

Na Na Na Na Naa - Kaiser Chiefs

Na Na Na Na Naa

Kaiser Chiefs

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Summer sees Seth participating in a Spring Break dance contest involving whipped cream, licking, & a cherry. She immediately begins making out with Zach in response.

Night Groove

Marc Durst Trio

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Sandy goes with the Nana to meet her fiance Bobby. While she steps out "to tinkle" Sandy takes Bobby to town & threatens to have his background checked unless he backs off.

Bring Em Out - TI

Bring Em Out


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TI plays on camera for Music Video Nation Spring Break, as Ryan, Seth, & Mary Anne make their way through the crowd before the contest.

Questa o Quella - Rigoletto

Questa o Quella


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Zach has invited Summer over to his house for dinner while his family is away, & Summer learns about gnocchi in the kitchen with Zach.

Get Down - Cham Pain

Get Down

Cham Pain

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Ryan calls Marissa to check in & she hears the hedonism.

Love Underground - Robbers on High Street

Love Underground

Robbers on High Street

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Ryan fights his way through the crowd at a spring break party and ends up talking to Cody at the bar.

I Turn My Camera On - Spoon

I Turn My Camera On


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The boys walk the strip & check out the Miami night life.

Kids With Guns - Gorillaz

Kids With Guns


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Seth kicks the old folks over with his mad shuffleboard skills & is challenged by Mary Anne. Later Mary Sue asks Seth to help her out with a dance contest if he loses. Finally, Seth tries to back out of the whipped cream contest but Mary Anne will not let it happen.

Step Aside - Efterklang

Step Aside


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Marissa visits Trey & offers to hang out while Ryan is away, & Jess mocks Trey as he watches her walk to her car. Later Marissa helps Trey get a job at the Bait Shop & they plan a margarita night to celebrate. Later Trey mistakes Marissa's kindness for something else & forcefully tries to kiss Marissa. When she fights him off he gets very scary so she beats him off with a stick & runs away in terror.

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At the Nana's retirement community Seth arrives to his people, the old folks, and the Nana welcomes everyone to Miami.

Miami - Will Smith

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The boys arrive to the Fountainbleu Hotel in Miami.

Shadowland - Youth Group


Youth Group

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Marissa & Ryan make out in her room & Ryan tells her he has to go to Miami for Spring Break.

Eye of the Tiger - Survivor

Eye of the Tiger


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Summer works out her aggression on a punching bag while Seth tries to apologize about the Silverlake party fiasco & she suggests having a time out. Later as Summer is working out her inner rage, Zach comes in & invites her to dinner.



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Christopher Tyng, Richard Marvin





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