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The O.C. Soundtrack [2003]

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Episode 22

Episode 22 • The Showdown

Twenty Two Fourteen

The Album Leaf

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Kirsten is drinking at a bar, takes off Carter's necklace & decides to go home to Sandy. She calls him & apologizes while she is driving home drunk.

Freight Elevator

The Rogers Sisters

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Total fiasco at the comic book reading - Seth tries to apologize to Summer, Seth & Zach attack each other & roll all around the store fighting, & Summer cracks the whip on them both to make them stop.

Cage That Tiger - Soledad Brothers

Cage That Tiger

Soledad Brothers

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After Seth rambles on for an hour, Reed announces Little Miss Vixen, complete with vinyl-wear & whip, who promptly steals all Atomic County attention.

The Big Fight - Stars

The Big Fight


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Julie is waiting for Caleb at Arches for their "let's try & work this out dinner", when she gets blindsided with divorce papers.

Hey Scenesters! - The Cribs

Hey Scenesters!

The Cribs

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Zach attempts to tell Reed that he is quitting the comic - but she quickly reminds him that he signed a contract & they'll sue him if he tries to bail.

But Then Again No

Shout Out Louds

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Seth & Summer admit their transgressions to each other in the student lounge... & Summer says that it shouldn't have to be so hard.

The Party's Crashing Us - of Montreal

The Party's Crashing Us

of Montreal

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In the student lounge, trashy Jess blocks Ryan's path, keeping him from Marissa & then attempts a move on him.


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Christopher Tyng, Richard Marvin





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