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One Tree Hill Soundtrack [2003]

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Episode 3

Episode 3 • Hold My Hand As I Am Loved

Stilts - Tim Williams


Tim Williams

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Haley looks at Renee's sonogram; Brooke rushes to work; Millie checks on Alex; Skills plots revenge.

Welcome Home - Radical Face

Welcome Home

Radical Face

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Dan introduces Rachel to his audience.

Hollow Talk - Choir of Young Believers

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Nate tries to convince Haley he's not guilty; Dan talks about 'truth'.

Drifters - Zaac Pick


Zaac Pick

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Clay urges Nate to pay off Renee; Mouth asks Nate what's going on with him.

Showdown - Black Eyed Peas

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Alex's photo shoot.

Hey Na Na

Katie Herzig

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Brooke & Quinn talk as Millie arrives at the photoshoot with a hungover Alex.

Ozone Street - Tim Williams

Ozone Street

Tim Williams

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Haley yells at Clay for Nate's situation.

Let It Out - Crash Boom Bang

Let It Out

Crash Boom Bang

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Julian brings coffee to Brooke's store.

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Haley talks with Brooke & Quinn about Nate's situation; Millie drinks Alex's tequila shots; Skills phones Mouth about a truce; Haley tells Nate it's his decision whether to pay off Renee.

Mom - Lucero

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Flashback of Rachel asking Dan about his self help book collection.

Growing Old Is Getting Old - Silversun Pickups

Growing Old Is Getting Old

Silversun Pickups

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Alex gives Julian a script to read; David shows up to talk with Quinn; Mouth & Skills come to an agreement; Clay tells Renee she's not getting any money; Nate talks with Jamie.

85 feet - Sorta

85 feet


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Clay meets Alex, then chats with Quinn.


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