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One Tree Hill Soundtrack [2003]

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Episode 1

Episode 1 • Asleep At Heaven's Gate

There's A Light - Jay Malinowski

There's A Light

Jay Malinowski

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Nathan & Haley cuddle in bed & she says she's feeling like herself again; Brooke & Julian lie in bed & talk about how lucky they are.

The Search - Setting Fires

The Search

Setting Fires

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Haley writes a letter to Lucas; Chase agrees to go out with Alex just before receiving a text from Mia saying she made a mistake breaking up with him; Brooke & Julian kiss; Haley tells Nathan that she's pregnant; Clay has a nightmare about Katie shooting Quinn & himself.

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Julian & Brooke kiss good morning; Quinn & Clay make out on the beach.

Happy - The Daylights

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Mia & Chase discuss his relationship with Alex; Jamie asks his parents about sex again; Brooke asks Millie why she & Victoria lied to their investors.

We Did It When We Were Young - The Gaslight Anthem

We Did It When We Were Young

The Gaslight Anthem

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Nathan gets Haley to promise to visit him as often as possible; Chase shows Alex the ins & outs of bartending as Mia watches from afar; Brooke watches her store get stripped of it's contents; Alex tells Mia she should give up on Chase; Julian comforts Brooke; Clay tells Quinn about his nightmare, then realizes his nightmare was real.

Stick To Your Guns - Onward, Soldiers

Stick To Your Guns

Onward, Soldiers

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Jamie asks his mom about sex; Haley & Mia catch up; Chase shows up at the studio to talk with Mia; Brooke sits in an interview room at the police station; Julian phones Victoria; Nathan & Haley are both examined by a doctors; Julian drives Brooke to the store.

I'll Do Better - Jarrod Gorbel

I'll Do Better

Jarrod Gorbel

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Haley drops by to tell Brooke that she's pregnant; Chase tells Alex about Mia's text, then Alex offers to bartend at TRIC; Clay & Quinn decide to go skinny dipping in the ocean; Julian & Brooke discuss Haley's pregnancy , then Brooke is arrested.


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