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One Tree Hill Soundtrack [2003]

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Episode 2

Episode 2 • I Can't See You, But I Know You're There

Music To Drive And Cry To


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In their dreamworld, Clay tries to get Quinn to remember what happened, while in reality they are rushed to the hospital.

Belong - Cary Brothers

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Haley tries phoning Brooke; Brooke confronts Victoria & Millie about forging her name on the documents; Haley asks Mia to pick Jamie up for her.

Semi-Automatic - The Boxer Rebellion


The Boxer Rebellion

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Haley writes a letter to Lucas, then tries to get a hold of Quinn, Mouth shows up as Julian wanders the empty shop; the charges are explained to Brooke; Alex proves her bartender skills to Chase.

This Time Tomorrow - Trent Dabbs

This Time Tomorrow

Trent Dabbs

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Nate tells Clay that his life is so much better because of him and to come back to them; Haley reminisces to Quinn about the plays they put on as children, then tells her that she's pregnant and wants Quinn to be the baby's godmother; Clay tells Quinn she has to leave him.

Hope A Little Harder - Amy Kuney

Hope A Little Harder

Amy Kuney

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Brooke tells Haley she can't blame herself for not finding them sooner; Mia tries to explain to Chase why she thought they should break up.

I'm The Man

Name Brand

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Jamie watches Julian try out the batting cage.

Body Shots - Kaci Battaglia

Body Shots

Kaci Battaglia

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Mia drops by the bar to ask Chase for his car as Alex bartends for her fans.

Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You

Cary Brothers

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Quinn tells Clay she doesn't want their lives to be over; Nate arrives as Haley sits at Quinn's bedside.

This Is Something - Kevin And The Octaves

This Is Something

Kevin And The Octaves

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Mouth chats with Alex at the bar as Chase returns; Jamie beats Julie at air hockey, then asks him what he did as a kid if he didn't play any sports.

Just Breathe - Pearl Jam

Just Breathe

Pearl Jam

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Julian tells Jamie he's right about something having happened to Quinn; Nate sits by Clay's bed as Haley sits with Quinn; Millie sits at the bar with Mouth; Clay leaves Quinn in the garden; Julian & Jamie arrive at the hospital.

All Things New - Grayson Kessenich

All Things New

Grayson Kessenich

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Clay tells Quinn that she can't choose not to live just to stay with him; Jamie tells Quinn that he loves her, then he gives her the star from their treasure hunt.

Tightrope - Joy Williams


Joy Williams

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Mouth & Millie talk about the problems with Clothes Over Bros; Victoria tells Brooke she lied to the investors because she believed in her.

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Millie commiserates with Mouth; Mia admits to Alex she did screw up her relationship with Chase; Brooke tells Julian her choices resulted in the problems with the company; Quinn makes Clay promise her he'll come back to her; Quinn wakes up.


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