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One Tree Hill Soundtrack [2003]

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Episode 3

Episode 3 • The Space In Between

I'll Be There - The Parlotones

I'll Be There

The Parlotones

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Julian & Brooke play baseball with Jamie; Nathan talks to Haley about donating a kidney & his back problems returning.

Good Man - Casey Shea

Good Man

Casey Shea

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Haley tells Quinn that Clay needs a kidney transplant; Mouth works on a new podcast on sports movies; Nathan is told that he donates a kidney to Clay, his basketball career is over.

I Still Do - I Am Kloot

I Still Do

I Am Kloot

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Clay & Will walk the hospital hallways; Brooke joins Julian & Jamie at the hospital nursery.

All The Way

Carolyne Neuman

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Clay looks in on Quinn; Mouth continues his podcast; Nathan tells Jamie about donating a kidney & not playing basketball; Haley takes Quinn to see Clay; Quinn sits at Clay's bedside.

Factory - Band of Horses

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Haley writes Lucas a letter about what happened to Quinn; Nathan reads the sports news to Clay; Victoria informs Brooke that the lawyers worked out a deal for the company.

Ring The Bells - Satellite

Ring The Bells


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Will asks Clay if he knows what comes next; Haley tells Nathan about taking Quinn to see Clay & they talk about everyone deserving a second chance; Brooke & Julian discuss Jamie & the company; Victoria ignores Brooke's call as they talk about the fallout from the company deal; Nathan gets tested for donor compatibility; Mouth talks about 'Brian's Song' on his podcast.

Limbo Rock - Chubby Checker

Limbo Rock

Chubby Checker

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Henry sings while he & Clay hang out on the roof.

Red October - JBM

Red October


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Haley tells Quinn that Clay doesn't have much time left; Quinn tells Clay she doesn't want to live without him; Nathan goes for a drive & breaks down.

Your Beating Heart - Brendan James

Your Beating Heart

Brendan James

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Clay tells Will he doesn't want to die; Brooke drives Victoria to prison; Quinn reads the news to Clay; Clay wakes up.


Andy Davis

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Mouth talks about 'Rocky'; Quinn by Clay; Jamie tells Brooke & Julian they'll make great parents.

Pray You Through - Sixteen Cities

Pray You Through

Sixteen Cities

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Brooke tells Victoria that she doesn't want her to go to prison; Jamie tells his parents they should get confetti for when Clay wakes up; Quinn tells Clay that her Heaven is just the two of them; Clay tells Will about Sarah, then asks what happened to him.


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