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Episode 24

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Season 6

Episode 24 • Remember Me As A Time Of Day

Safe At Home


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Lucas tells Peyton about their daughter; Julian comforts Brooke; Mia & Chase open a box containing her new album.

War Sweater

Wakey! Wakey!

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Lucas carries Peyton into the hospital; Haley wakes up alone; Victoria tells Brooke there were no messages; the gang gathers with Lucas at the hospital.


Gin Wigmore

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Peyton allows Dan to hold Sawyer; Lucas & Karen pass by Dan on the sidewalk; Millie tells Mouth she's moving back; Victoria asks Brooke about Julian; Nate visits Quentin's grave.

Come Around

Rosi Golan

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Nate packs to go back to the team; Brooke gets a postcard from Sam; Julian tells Brooke that he loves her; Peyton thanks Karen for how she raised Lucas.

Days Like This

Kim Taylor

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Brooke phones Sam; Mouth announces Nate's NBA placement; Karen & Lucas visit Keith's grave; Dan tells Whitey he already feels dead; Nate arrives at Whitey's.

Begin You

Kate York

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Peyton tells Brooke that Sawyer's middle name is Brooke; Victoria advises Brooke to go after Julian.

Inside Out

Kate Voegele

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Mia tells Chase her heart is staying with him; Brooke tells Millie she wants her back at the Tree Hill store.

Roll Your Windows Down

Casey Shea

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Lucas thanks his mom for everything she's done for him; Brooke wakes up alone; Nate tells Haley he was called up to the NBA.

Murderous Air

Tim Williams

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Peyton wakes up; Karen brings the baby to meet Peyton.

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Nate, Haley & Jamie visit the bobcat's court; Peyton watches Lucas playing with Sawyer; Brooke tells Julie she loves him; Lucas, Peyton & Sawyer drive off in The Comet.


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